We offer professional lighting services with applications in various fields, such as:

  • Television studios lighting
  • Film set lighting
  • Theatre lighting
  • Photographic studio lighting
  • Architectural lighting

We can provide you with all the products and services required for impeccable professional lighting in any field.

LightsUp Services – The Light You Need

Besides the applications mentioned above, we offer our partners several benefits, included in the service packages:

  • Due to our experience in the field, we also offer consultancy services to those who require support in the implementation of their projects.
  • We ensure lighting system design services, as well as the products required for lighting system building, including complementary services, lighting control, suspension systems and all the necessary accessories.
  • We ensure lifetime maintenance services for all the products that we offer, pre and post-sale, in and post-warranty. Thus, our partners can benefit from our expertise at any time.
  • We place our expertise in service of our partners in order to elaborate a full plan for their projects.
  • We offer authorized repair services for any damage to our lighting equipment, having warranty repair rights from producers such as ARRI, ETC, Quartz Color and IFF.
  • We work on a national, as well as international level. We’ve already been to the Republic of Moldova, Kuwait, Ukraine and Chile and we can travel to meet the needs of any partner.
  • We offer support for the full implementation cycle of a project, from solution elaboration to activation (turn key system).

We are there for those who know that professional lighting is a major part of a successful project. Thus, we make sure that all our partners will have the light that they need.

ETC Authorized Service
Arri Authorized Service
Cosmolight Authorized Service
THELIGHT Authorized Service